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October 25, 2008

POSTED BY JNUDDA (on downloading music, similar post by ECETIM)
The music industry is moving onto the internets, and the record labels will be left in the dust if they don’t change their business model…the last two NIN releases (Slip and Ghosts)…that that kind of distribution is the future of music…

M: It would be great to be in the situation that NIN and Radiohead are in–being independent and selling direct to the fans would be really interesting. We’re currently in a contract with WB, and that relationship essentially requires us to do it a more traditional way, which is fine for now. Some day, that contract will be over, and we’ll be looking into other options. At that time, we intend to explore all viable possibilities.

Re: Re-prioritizing – I think that there needs to be a better way of indicating what is quality music. The worse musicians or entertainers are geniusly marketed to the point that the general public spends $ regardless if the product is inferior. Anytime dollars are the measure of success or failure, greed inevitably lurks. We are fed images of lap of luxury existence & we realize -That dude does not need my 99 cents more than I do…

M: A little convoluted, but I think you’re making some good points. Here’s what I think: since “quality” of music is totally subjective (you could easily argue for and against it on anything from Wu Tang’s “36 Chambers” to Fugazi’s “Repeater”), it’s all about “what do I like?” Look, sometimes someone in the ‘burbs wishes they was in da club dazzlin da bitchez wit they iced-out chain and buying da bar out so dey can take sum dime pieces back to da crib. But don’t hate on them because they’re making money. Instead, hate on them because their music doesn’t interest you, and their message is shallow and contrived. Besides, if they’re flashing money in their video, chances are they don’t really have any anyway.

Hey Mike, I find your comment on the downloading issue interesting and I quoted you to make some conversation on the MB and put my own opinions there: Also I´d like to ask if the famous quote “We support free music. Go ahead, download that shit!” (or smthng like that) is yours? Cause for example on youtube people seem to use that as a justification to put up your songs. Peace -Petri

M: I do support “free music.” For example: QWERTY (Live) was free. My FM mixtape was floating around, free. When Tim Fite or NIN gave away tracks, or Radiohead let you pay whatever you wanted, I thought, “that’s a great way to do it.” But if the artist says, “I want you to pay X amount for it,” then it’s a different story. The bottom line is: if you like the song and band, I would say you should buy it. If you don’t, your options are: DL it, or leave it alone.

Again, for a more in-depth look at this story, go here

POSTED BY HYBR1D_7H3ORY (on downloading music)
Mike, Those were some really great questions, and even better responses. I totally support your opinion on understanding what your money is going to, and thinking critically about how your actions affect other people…If you wanna talk further I opened a new thread…

M: Great! Feel free to continue the conversation there, I’ll pitch in if i have something to say.

POSTED BY REZ (on water bottles v filtered)
Hi Mike. Thanks a million for responding to my comment regarding the bottle water issue. …I agree with you 100% that we have to do something. But we must act responsibly…We have to come up with solutions that will make our environment more sustainable for future generations, but at the same time we must work to improve social and economic conditions. Like I mentioned before, everything is connected to everything else…Thanks once again Mike and keep up the good work!

M: Agreed! It’s all connected…Wouldn’t it be great if those people you are concerned about got jobs producing energy-efficient eco-friendly products from recycled material? Both problems solved.

POSTED BY SQUISHY_HO (similar question by EAMER)
Do you think you could give out tips to people who just started painting? Cause it’s my case, i try stuff but i feel it doesn’t work out right. Could you give out “where to start” tips and like do’s and don’ts? Or a book recommendation, cause you seem good in that, too :p
thanks a lot =)

M: Great idea. I’ll put one together.

you know mike, you might keep in touch with your lp fans, but what about your fm fans?they didn’t disappear with fort minor.they’re still there, waiting for if you do get the chance to swing by and say hello, it would be much appreciated.

M: In an effort to keep things more streamlined, I’m really spending most of my “posting time” here on I totally appreciate all the fans who are on,, FMM, LPU, etc., but I hope you guys don’t mind just coming here to get the direct word. Bouncing around everywhere to post takes up time that I could otherwise be spending on writing music or making a worthwhile post here.

Thanks for posting,



July 20, 2008

Q: mike, why do you keep putting up scars on broadway stuff?
A: because i think its great. check out their new video:

Q: speaking of “S.O.B.’s” what’s going on with styles of beyond?
A: we ran into some snags with getting their record out. the album is done, but some of the behind-the-scenes legal/record label stuff turned into a mess. long story short, the guys are hanging in there. keep in touch with styles of beyond at:

make sure to check out “don’t feel bad”(featuring RZA of Wu Tang Clan).

incidentally, SOB/demigodz have some new t-shirts up that are incredible. get ’em!



KENJI / internment / hiroshima

May 6, 2008

my friend frank (we’ve worked together on most of the art for LP packaging, etc.) sent me a link to this video above. his aunt is a teacher, and a student of hers did it. i think it’s great.

i know there are a few fan videos out there for the song “kenji,” and many other FM / LP songs. i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who makes fan videos to our songs. they’re great!

on that note, someone also sent me a link to new photos of the aftermath of the hiroshima atom bomb. they are new photos, found in a cave. the photographer is unknown. please be warned, these are extremely graphic.


click here for hiroshima photos


WE MADE IT photos

April 16, 2008
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April 6, 2008

green lantern asked me + SOB to be a part of his new portishead mixtape. we just finished the track. go find it 🙂


EDIT: i didn’t put it up, but looks like you guys found it. good work


random fan stuff

April 6, 2008

a great recreation of the art…and i love the pink. very dope. incidentally, some of my newest paintings have quite a bit of pink in them. more about those later…

a couple of amazing tattoos. good stuff. FYI, you can stop posting the pics, as well. i’ve seen it. i know you know i don’t like flooding/spamming boards. i totally forgive you this once though, because it is a dope tattoo.

when we were on loveline i mentioned that the jacket i was wearing was my favorite jacket. yet, this is the same one, and some of you have already started looking for lots of pics of me wearing it, because it’s my favorite. or it was. maybe not anymore, since it’s gotten too much attention now, ha! for those who wondered, it’s made by neighborhood (japan).

and the grand finale:

one of the best sigs i have seen. hilarious! does anyone else think McDonalds commercials are the absolutely most insulting, mind-numbing trash on the radio? that new one with the two women talking about how they can “actually pronounce the names of the coffee” products and they “don’t have to hold their noses in the air” or “pay through those noses?” as if “macchiato” is some kind of intelligence test designed by starbucks to weed out the riffraff from coming to their stores. it’s coffee, douchebags. and you sell grade F beef with manure in it. we don’t come to you because you’re “down to earth,” we come to you because we either don’t have enough time for a real meal, or the budget’s tight and rent is due. at least BK has the decency to give us some humor with their products 🙂

the end



S.O.B. shows

February 4, 2008

i’ve had the flu for the last few days. it’s been nasty. i almost went to the emergency room, but my fever broke and now i feel better.

enough about me. i haven’t mentioned anything about STYLES OF BEYOND in a while, since they’ve been in the studio finishing their record. they were almost done a few months ago, but decided to go back and tweak a few things and add a couple songs. i think it was a really smart move…the album sounds amazing.

now that the record is pretty much done, and the guys are starting to put some shows together. here are three so far:

2/15 – Crash Mansion – Downtown, LA
Doors at 8:30PM

3/22 – In The Venue for “Spring Fling” – Salt Lake City, UT
Doors at 8PM

4/25 – University of Buffalo – Buffalo, NY

for all you fort minor fans out there, go check them out. tickets won’t cost too much, and you’re guaranteed a good time, especially if you catch the guys at the bar afterward. go and tell them i said “hi.”




enter: charlie bravo

December 18, 2007

Why is he so Petrified?



December 14, 2007

the answer:



SOB stunt doubles

December 13, 2007

for those of you who know styles of beyond…the two guys below are their stunt doubles. they’re starring in the live-action crime drama adaptation of


i dropped in a pic of me w/ the real SOB for those of you who don’t know what ryu and tak look like…