LP 8 Bit Rebellion: Pixie

April 2, 2010

With the “Linkin Park 8 Bit Rebellion”game coming out soon for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, I thought we’d feature a few of the characters.  I designed each of these guys; here’s an introduction.

Long ago, the world existed in 8 bit harmony…until PixxelKorp arrived.  Now, you are the rebellion’s only hope to fight the evil corporation’s mass-brainwashing campaign.

PIXIE is PixxelKorp’s mascot.  He’s soft and cuddly, and the kiddies love him.  After all, he’s selling a highly addictive product.  And if you mess with him, he will eat your brains.

Yum, brains.

More to come…


Linkin Park 8 Bit Rebellion Announcement

March 29, 2010

Hi Everyone,

My bandmates and I are thrilled to announce our game, “Linkin Park 8 Bit Rebellion,” will finally be out late this month for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  In the game, you’ll battle enemies and solve mysteries in order to stop an evil corporation’s mass-brainwashing campaign.  Here’s some other stuff you’ll find:

– an 8 Bit version of each member of Linkin Park
– new 8 Bit versions of some of our most popular songs
– characters and art designed by the band
– a brand new Linkin Park song, entitled “Blackbirds,” waiting for you at the end.

Besides being being the first game to contain a new, exclusive LP track, this game is a “first” in other ways: it’s the first massively multiplayer music artist app, our first game, and will be in the first wave of games designed for the iPad.

Look out for it later in the month, and feel free to tell some friends.


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8 Bit Rebellion Trailer

March 26, 2010

Our game will be out soon, for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Holiday Gifts / Shopping

December 3, 2009

We recently updated the store with a few new items for the holidays. Check out these tees, and the (discounted) book package. There’s other cool stuff in the store: http://bandmerch.seenon.com/index.php?v=mikeshinoda. As usual, proceeds go to Music For Relief and the Michael K. Shinoda endowed scholarship at Art Center College Of Design (benefitting students based on financial need and body of work).







BOJAM: Online Music Recording and Mixing

October 1, 2009

For all my aspiring musicians (and probably even non-musicians out there), check this out…such an awesome idea. The video above is old, but I just saw the beta site today (link below), and it’s pretty advanced. I’m not sure about the performance of “Africa” by Toto (LOL)…but BOJAM is “server-side” recording and mixing software: you don’t have to download anything on your computer to use it (except Flash, which we all have anyway). Even if you know nothing about making music, you can create or remix a song with other users from around the world. In theory, you could even have a band with four musicians who have never met in person–they just wrote a hit song together from four different places around the world.

Apparently, they’re still testing out the software, so they’re looking for new users to try it out and tell them how to make it better. To try it, go here, fill in the info, and you’ll be ready to play with the software. Trust me, it’s worth it.




Linkin Park Video Game: More

September 25, 2009

As announced earlier this year (http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20090421005647&newsLang=en), we’re putting together a video game for the iPhone and iPod touch. So far, it has been a lot of fun…although we don’t have a release date to announce yet, I thought I’d share a few of my concept drawings with you guys. I know it’s a terrible picture, ha!


This is the first time since the announcement that we’ve really talked about or mentioned anything about the game. We ‘re still working on it, but here’s what we want it to be: 1) Unique, 2) Fun.

We’ve been brainstorming ways to make story, combat, puzzles, music-based challenges, and RPG elements all fit within a community in the game. There are also some really funny things going on in the game that I know a lot of LP fans will recognize. Stay tuned for more info…



NEW White and Green DC Remix

May 16, 2009

In case you haven’t heard…




My brand new WHITE AND GREEN super-limited-edition Xander shoe is now available for sale in the Mike Shinoda web store http://bandmerch.seenon.com/detail.php?p=87705&ecid=PRF-SM-700116&pa=PRF-SM-700116.

From the release:
Mike’s art, renditions of his latest work, is found on the upper, the insole, and the outsole; his signature is on the heel; and “limited edition” is embroidered in Japanese on the tongue.

Very limited quantities are available for this release, so they are expected to go fast. By purchasing here, proceeds go toward the Michael K. Shinoda Endowed Scholarship at Art Center College of Design, benefiting students based on financial need and artistic merit. For a limited, time (while supplies last), get 20% off Mike Shinoda art pieces when you buy the new 2009 Xander shoe.

That means 20% off the GICLEE PRINTS AND BOOKS as well (very good deal)…and sorry the shoe doesn’t fit all of you…that’s how it goes with limited editions.



MS DC Xander-ON SALE 20% OFF

May 8, 2009

It’s your last chance to grab a pair of my MS-DC sneakers in the MS.com web store!

Limited quantities remain. These are sold out in stores. For a very limited time, the 2008 Xander style is on sale for 20% off here at mikeshinoda.com. These will not be restocked, so grab your size while you can.

By purchasing them here, proceeds go toward the Michael K. Shinoda Endowed Scholarship at Art Center College of Design, benefiting students based on financial need and artistic merit.

Stay tuned for more super limited edition styles to come in the very near future!

Go here to buy:


Linkin Park Video Game for iPhone and iPod Touch

April 22, 2009

As some of you may have heard, my bandmates and I are proud to announce that will be releasing some games for the iPhone and iPod touch. We will be making the games with Artificial Life, and hope to have the first game out later this year, although it’s still in the design phases.

As I have definitive info about gameplay and release, you’ll be the first to know!



Lost Constellations by Tara McPherson

March 4, 2009




Pick up the book here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1595822224/mikeshinoda-20