Tune in to SNL right now, we’re on.

February 5, 2011

Linkin Park on Saturday Night Live:

Waiting For The End: http://bit.ly/eQvJei

When They Come For Me: http://bit.ly/gTgF32

BTW, this is where the lasers from our SNL performance came from:



More Great Graffiti

February 4, 2011

Found this image to add to my “Great Graffiti” set.

Stay classy, New York City.


My New Favorite Chinese Restaurant

December 6, 2010

Dave: “I see they’ve heard of


Linkin Park Demands Insane Stuff In Order To Play A Show

November 3, 2010

Thanks to LPLive.net, I just read a Linkin Park news article that may be one of the funniest I’ve seen.  It’s a roughly translated version (thanks, Google!) of an Israeli piece detailing “Linkin Park’s demands” for the performance.  This is what’s traditionally called a “rider” for the show; it details the things the band needs from day to day–every day–at the venue, to maintain normalcy and regularity as they travel on tour.  Here’s what ynet.co.il listed:

Linkin Park demands:

  • “A sterile zone from smoking and alcohol,”
  • “Personal rooms of the band,”
  • “[Behind special rooms], a gym,”
  • “Sausages, Belgian waffles with maple syrup oatmeal porridge,”
  • “A package of throat,”
  • “Food for eight days,”
  • “100 towels and 24 black and yellow, hung on special racks made of metal and gold, so they can see the twinkling in the dark suspension”

Apparently, if Linkin Park doesn’t get 124 towels of specific colors, hung on twinkling racks of metal and gold, we won’t go on stage.

I need to start asking the other guys about this request list, because I’ve never seen it backstage, and I want to know where the hell to find it.  Two reasons.  One: I would love to see what those racks of metal and gold look like.  I bet they’re amazing.

And two: I want to know what a “package of throat” is.



Ron English’s Prop 19 Popaganda Ads

November 2, 2010

Ron English just sent me these great images, for marijuana products that could be available to Californians in the not too distant future:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Made me think of the “High Times Editorial Office”…


Linkin Park and Sad Keanu

October 13, 2010

I just downloaded these pictures from my camera.  They came out way different than the ones I remembered taking…


Future Linkin Park Album Art / Title Options

October 10, 2010

Just saw these online, and realized how high the bar is really set when it comes to naming an album and making a cover.  I hope to someday capture even the slightest glimmer of the genius seen here.



More amazing album covers here: www.oliverbenjamin.net/badalbumcovers.html


New: My Own Radio Station, Rehearsals, and Anteaters

October 1, 2010

The other day I got a chance to record a station for IHeartRadio. It’s an online station where we (Chester and I) get to play whatever we want; we host the show ourselves.  The best part was that I got really tired of just hearing myself talk, so I started messing around, calling people and bothering them, and even playing some rare Linkin Park tracks (and I think one Fort Minor one).  It’s going to go up some time in October.  (I asked some of you to send questions and stories via Twitter; thanks for your help making the show interesting.)

In the days between then and now, I’ve been rehearsing with those other five guys to put a show together.  We leave for tour in four days.  We’re hitting a few places in South America, A bunch of dates in Europe, and a bunch of dates in Australia  (What’s up PERTH and ADELAIDE).  Ready for a little bit of this:


“Where Hip Hop Lives”

September 29, 2010

I went up to see the fine folks at Power 106 here in Los Angeles today (shout out to DJ Coke-E and DJ Fuze, who were introduced to me as “huge Linkin Park fans”).  It was fun.

When I got home, I received this glorious youtube clip in my email inbox.

Thanks to Ryu from Get Busy for sending this video.  Remember kids, hip hop is an attitude, it can never go out.


365 Stormtrooper photos.

September 22, 2010

This dude named Stefan is a photographer.  He takes pictures involving Stormtroopers.  One a day.  For one whole year.  They are awesome.

Click for more…