Welcome To MikeShinoda.com

January 18, 2010

Welcome to mikeshinoda.com.

This where I write and post about what’s going on day-to-day in my world, including what’s new with the band, various art and other projects I’m involved in, tips for musicians about how to record and promote your material, exciting art that I’ve come across, and various other cultural tidbits that I hope you’ll find entertaining and informative.

Here are the basics: I try to post on the BLOG as often as my schedule allows.  The comments section under each post is open to your ideas and reactions.  By the way, I like to respond to your comments from time to time. I don’t respond to thoughtless, mean, or generic stuff, so keep it smart.  Don’t spam in the comments section–if you posted once and nobody responded, move on. If the character limit here seems confining to you, you can start a thread on the Linkin Park Message Board (and maybe comment here on MS.com with a link to your thread, so everyone can check out what you have to say).

You’ll find images of my art shows–plus collaborations and other art I’ve done here.

Portions of proceeds in the STORE benefit Music For Relief. Check the item description for details.

I’m very grateful for those of you who link to mikeshinoda.com when you enjoy an image or post. All I ask is that you credit this site when you re-post or link, and don’t crop the pictures if you can help it.

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The things I put here are my thoughts and opinions, not necessarily those of the rest of the band.

Thanks for visiting, see you soon.

-Mike Shinoda, L.H.D.



November 26, 2007

welcome to my brand new site 🙂 this is where i’m going to put up all my everyday kind of ideas and images. there’s really no format for it right now; i’ll probably make that up as i go. in the future, you’ll see posts here from a couple news correspondents (read: friends) about things that they/we think are interesting, plus any breaking news about what i’m up to. but for now, take a look around, and enjoy the new site.