A Gift For You (Free Song)

February 18, 2015

Hey everyone,

We made something cool the other day, and we wanted you to have it.  Here’s a special unreleased acoustic version of Final Masquerade.  Stripping it down to bare bones brought the sentiment of the song right to the surface.  Thanks for all your support over the past couple months – we hope you enjoy the song.  Click here:




M. Shinoda X Bamford Watch Department

February 2, 2015

MSxBWD Available Now


Today I’m excited to announce my new collaboration with the world-renowned Bamford Watch Department.  This timepiece is a Super Matte black Rolex Daytona with MGTC (military grade titanium coating) featuring custom artwork — a tiny skull from my Glorious Excess (Dies) exhibition.

My band-mates and I have been expanding the boundaries of our wearable releases—making some even more ubiquitous and easily accessible, and others distinctly limited and aspirational.  In the range of our offerings, this timepiece sets a new bar for the latter.  It is, of course, not something our average fan can buy.  For most, it exists as an idea, a wearable piece of art.

For the limited few that are interested in purchasing one, head over to Bamford Watch Department’s site HERE.

MS x BWD on water


MS x BWD in box


To see paintings from the inspiration of this timepiece, see my GLORIOUS EXCESS art HERE.


“Learning Not To Drown”, Debut Novel by Anna Shinoda

March 17, 2014

I rarely talk about my wife Anna.  But today is a special exception, for a special reason.

Anna grew up in a mountain town so small it only had one stop sign.  He parents grew up during the Great Depression, and they lived in a modest home packed tight with her large family.  As a kid, she used to climb up into trees with books to escape the chaos of being the youngest person in the busy house.

Reading led to writing, and she eventually immersed herself in classes and conferences.  She worked with as many other published and non-published authors as she could.  In particular, she devoted herself to a manuscript that was clearly special.

I met Anna in the late 90’s.  Like most people close to her, I admire her honesty, integrity, generosity, and fierce independence.  A few years ago, after her manuscript got nominated for the SCBWI “Most Promising New Work” award, it became obvious (and exciting) that her book might eventually be published.  And knowing how much energy she was putting into the book, I realized how much she deserved to get proper credit.  Anna’s writing is great, and we both wanted her work to be judged on its merit, not on the book’s potential connection with me or Linkin Park.

So she made a decision: when speaking to people about her book, she would keep the focus on her writing, and not mention me.

It made things harder for Anna, and the process took much longer than it might have otherwise.  But in the end, it allowed the focus to stay on what was important.  Anna got nominated for two Sue Alexander Awards based on the quality of her writing.  She got her agent’s attention based on the quality of her writing.  And she got her publishing deal without sharing any knowledge that her husband was “famous.”  In fact, when she finally told her editor and team who I was their reaction was, “Linkin Park!? You’re kidding!”

I’m proud to tell you that, ten years in the making, her book was an endeavor she carried out with integrity.

LEARNING NOT TO DROWN is a dark, introspective, funny, and meaningful work of fiction; it follows a young girl named Clare as she deals with a brother in and out of prison, small-town gossip, and a family dynamic that threatens to choke out Clare’s own plans for her future.

Pretend that you, just like the people who have supported Anna so far in this process, are encountering this book without any connection to me or my band.  Pretend I’m just a friend telling you about it, because really, I have no hand in what makes it great.  And I promise: just like them, when you read it, you’ll find out that it’s an extraordinary novel, and you will love it.



Thanks, Germany

March 23, 2013

Joe and I just got back from Germany, where we went to the Echo Awards (the German Grammys), and did a bunch of press for our upcoming Facebook video game, called RECHARGE.  Good to see our friends and team out there, and great to hang with the awesome Til Schweiger, who has been a great supporter of LP.

I tried a little German on stage, which was fun.  I don’t actually speak German, but people tell me that, for those who speak English, German is one of the “easier” languages to learn because there are a lot of similarities in sentence structure, etc.  I’m not so sure about that…I had to practice the hell out of that speech in order to make it sound anything like German.

For those interested in our upcoming game, it’s called RECHARGE.  It’s still in development, and we’re making improvements all the time.  But we hope to have it ready by the middle of the year, maybe late summer.  It all depends on how the testing goes, and how long it takes to handle all the challenges and changes presented in testing.  A big thank you to everyone who is testing the game and telling us what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s not working.

In other news, how dope is that new Schoolboy Q song?


Be Heard: Grammy® Amplifier and CenterStage Campaigns.

February 10, 2013

Many of you who visit mikeshinoda.com often know I’m passionate about helping new artists succeed.  So it’s no surprise that I’m a part of two Grammy® programs right now, to do just that.

Leading up to award show tomorrow, I have been one of the curators of a program designed by The Grammys® to spread the word about fresh new talent.  The other curators include RZA, Kelly Clarkson, Ozzy Osbourne, Jim James, Kaskade, and Snoop.  Today, I’ll be tweeting links to some of the artists I think are great, as part of that program, so make sure to follow me on Twitter (@mikeshinoda) to hear some great new music today.

The “Amplifier” program has been a hit with the Grammy folks, and as such, they’ve decided to do more than just shout out the artists.  So we just announced a new campaign called CenterStage.

Whereas with “Amplifier,” the prize was a tweet by a popular artist to their fanbase, “CenterStage” aims to prove a dream experience for an emerging artist, including things like studio time with Grammy® producers and engineers, an opening slot on a tour or festival, and a music video.  The Grammy network of artists and talent is as deep as it gets, so it’s clear that the people the winners will be paired up with will be spectacular.

Sign up, encourage your friends, spread the word.  CenterStage is an incredible opportunity for a brand new talent to get their big break.  Go to hyundaicenterstage.com to sign up and vote.


Free Linkin Park Song: “Complimentary” by Mike Shinoda for Stagelight

December 10, 2012

With Stagelight now out for Windows, a number of you guys are checking it out. This week, I wanted to do something special for all our early adopters who are helping us spread the word: I made you guys a song.

This session can be downloaded and opened in Stagelight on Windows 7 or 8. It’s not an audio file and doesn’t contain any audio so (for now) only Stagelight users get to hear it.

For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet: Stagelight is a new music-making program designed by Open Labs and me. It’s the result of years of testing on stage and in the studio. With it, anyone at any level can make a great song in as little as a few minutes. It’s powerful and it’s simple, and you can buy it for only $10 HERE.

Again, thank you for being the first to check out Stagelight.

Download COMPLIMENTARY here: http://smarturl.it/LP_StageLight

PS: I’m leaving today for Dell World in Austin; keep an eye out for footage online!


Catch us this week…

December 7, 2012

Hey everyone,

Tonight, we’ll be playing a special TV performance on Spike’s Video Game Awards.  Will it have anything to do with MEDAL OF HONOR WARFIGHTER?

Samuel L. Jackson to Host VGA 10
Get More: Samuel L. Jackson to Host VGA 10

Saturday, we play the KROQ show in LA.  Then next week, I’m going out to Austin for Dell World.

I haven’t been to Dell World before.  As most of you know, I’ve been a Mac user my whole life, so I never really had an interest.  But this year, as I was working on our new software called STAGELIGHT (which just came out for PC, and is only $10 *not-subtle-hint), I got a change to play with the new Dell XPS systems.  And I have to say, I was intrigued.  So here I am, doing a walk-on at their biggest event.

For anyone planning to go: there will be a “bio-sphere” on site of my creative space.  It’s a small bubble-room filled with my art, music gear, and things I have around in my office and studio while I’m working.  My sketchbook, guitar, art…stuff like that will be on display.  There, you’ll also be able to use the Stagelight software to make your own music.

I’ll also be doing a performance with Chester and Camp Freddy. If you haven’t heard about Camp Freddy, it’s a rotating group of super-musicians and all stars who get together and casually jam out covers of some of the best songs of all time.  In Camp Freddy performances, I’ve seen Chester sing Led Zeppelin, AC DC, and The Doors.

Here’s a taste of what to expect (Chester, Slash, Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison, and I can’t tell who else was there that night…)


Linkin Park SOUNDWAVE Transformer

July 12, 2012

Linkin Park and Hasbro are collaborating on a super-limited LINKIN PARK EDITION SOUNDWAVE. It’s a new and exclusive model based on the original 1984 toy, the one I grew up playing with. It includes Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ravage. There will only be 2000 units, available at SURU and comic/hobby shops.

Hasbro is currently showing a sample of it, inside the Transformers booth at Comicon. Here are some pics from Les, the designer. Shout out to Mr. Hahn for overseeing its golden glory on our end (no, it’s not real gold).

The LINKIN PARK SOUNDWAVE will be available later this year.

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The Raid Sundance Wrap-Up

January 24, 2012

Had a great time at Sundance this past weekend.  This was the premiere of the film with the new score.  All the award-winning showings of the movie up to this point have been with the previous score, and the reviews have been amazing…so I was a bit nervous to see how critics reacted to it with the new music.  Needless to say, I was relieved to see that people still liked it, some saying they even liked it more with the new music.

I went to the premiere with an old friend, Ken Block.  Most of you probably know him from this.  Ken started DC shoes back in the day, and is a pretty inspirational and fun dude.

With the premiere over, and a change to relax, we got together with some mutual friends to hang.  Met Steve Berra.  Awesome dude, I could have talked to him for hours.

Did a little press too, with the director (Gareth Evans) and my scoring partner (Joe Trapanese).  Great guys.

Wrapped up the weekend with a party for The Raid, and a set by Deadmau5.

All in all, a great trip.  Lots of awesome reviews about the film and the new score.  Here’s a new (super bloody) taste of what you’re in store for when the movie comes out in a couple months…


Linkin Park’s A Thousand Horizons, Tokyo

August 24, 2011