Linkin Park Wins Best Live Act at EMAs

November 7, 2010

Thanks again to all the great folks who are a part of our live show, both behind the scenes and in the crowd.  We appreciate you guys, and were honored to be given the award tonight for “Best Live Act.”

Besides the performance of “Waiting For The End,” which was aired on the show, we played a 60 minute set for the crowd in front of the Puerta De Alcalá tonight.  That show will be premiering on MTV in the coming weeks.

Here was a snippet…that crowd was LOUD.


New video for “Waiting For The End,” directed by Joe Hahn

October 9, 2010

“Waiting For The End” Video Premiere: This Friday

October 4, 2010


8 Bit Rebellion is Out

April 26, 2010

8 Bit Rebellion is now live in the iTunes App store. Yaaaayyyyyy

I did a live video chat on our UStream channel tonight to share the excitement. You can watch it here:


Linkin Park: video for “Not Alone”

February 13, 2010

For those who haven’t seen, here’s the premiere of the NEW VIDEO for NOT ALONE, our song from the Download To Donate album.  Thanks to the UN Foundation for the footage from Haiti, and our amazing team who shot and edited the video. Our thoughts and prayers are still with the people of Haiti.



Glorious Excess Short Film

September 23, 2009

As requested, the GLORIOUS EXCESS short film is now up in the videos section. It’s embeddable, so feel free to pop it up on your blog or site.

PS – A big shout out goes to Mark Fiore, who worked really hard on this with me. Thanks Mark!



July 1, 2008

regarding the “SIRENS AND SILENCE” video i posted in the videos section: i wanted to have a little fun with you when i posted it, so i intentionally put it up with almost no description, and left it up for a few days in order to give you a chance to watch it, pass it on to friends, and post your thoughts about it. now that you’ve had a second to absorb, let me tell you more about it!

this piece, although based mostly on first-hand perspective footage, is not necessarily about me. in fact, i made a conscious effort to keep it the piece open to different “celebrity types”–i edited out a great deal of our faces, voices, and any LP related imagery (there’s still a little bit, but not much) because i wanted it to be versatile; to be able to be applied to many different types of person who might have this experience.

this could be a piece about a movie star, a TV celebrity, a musician. it’s about the frenetic pace, the travel, the potential for ups and downs, ego and depression, humor and darkness. i don’t travel by private jet all the time, i don’t stay in hotel rooms that look like the ones pictured all the time, and i don’t get swarmed by fans at airports all the time. some people do…and this piece is about their lifestyle as much as it is a personal video journal (without the talking).

some of you commented that the piece gave you a feeling of “loneliness.” i found that really interesting, because while some could say the hotel scenes looked cold, another might see the hotel scenes as the moments of peace and warmth. while the “insomnia” bit felt frustrating to some, others might see it as funny (i do!). that’s what i love about a piece like this–a large portion of it is wide open for interpretation, and all of us project our own feelings and experiences into it.

i added the more obvious commentary to was the end, because that was a universal “be careful what you wish for” element, and it felt good with the door closing (which, again could feel like a warm escape from the insanity, but just as easily could feel dark and foreboding). the dynamic between the loud “siren” parts and the “silent” parts are what gave the piece its name.

enjoy…more to come this week, as we set up for the show!